Private port on Danube

Štúrovo Slovakia

PPŠ Logistic s.r.o.
PPŠ Logistic s.r.o.
PPŠ Logistic s.r.o.

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We manage a complex web of transport, logistics, industry and energy.

Inland Port

Inland ports are enablers of green logistics across Europe. Rail and inland waterway transport together represents the most optimal, green transport combination.


We are focused on the investment in and the development of last-mile connection between the national rail network to the private terminal sidings.


Great place for companies wich provides management over the flow of goods and materials between points of origin to end-use destination.

The New Silk road – conception of a future project.

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The initiative wich is also called One belt one road was unveiled by Chinese paramount leader Xi Jinping in 2013 and its aim is to improve transport infrastructure for the needs of business.

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The port in Štúrovo serves as an optimal direct connection to the three modes of transport: ship, rail and truck (tri-modality). The port is situated right on the main artery for inland shipping. As a result of the opening of the Rheine – Main – Danube waterway yielding new transport opportunities from the ARA ports of (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Antwerp) to the Black Sea (Constantia).

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