Private port on Danube

Štúrovo, Slovakia

Port is situated in Industrial park Štúrovo (Priemyselný park Štúrovo a.s.) in the range of 1760 – 1722 km of the left bank.

Main priorities of the Industrial park are:

  • providing energy distribution and all related services
  • sale or rental of free areas for establishment of new production and storage units
  • increasing utilization of logistical installations

Distances by road

Budapest (Hungary) 45km Bratislava (Slovakia) 150km

Wien (Austria) 215km

Technical parameters

The port is located on a total area of 3,65 hectares.

The site includes:

  • Administrative / social building
  • Electrical transformer station
  • remaining area 2,7 hectares
Excellent location

The port is located on the Reine – Main – Danube waterway which connects the ARA ports with Black Sea

Parameteres of port

Total usable lenght of the port is 200 metres, with extension possiblity up to 1 km.

The port is attached to the railway system.

Port Services

The port of PPŠ Logistics operates 365 days / year, 24 hours / day. Offers permanent high quality services to vessels, trains and cargoes, with high productivity and safety levels.

loading / unloading of goods

handling of goods (container, bulk, pallets)

storage of goods

port crane

10 tons

/ extendable capacity/

Pages: Unlimited

Visitors: Unlimited

Integration: Basic

port equipment

1000 tons

/ 24 hours

Excavator: Sennebogen 830 K 17

Loader: Caterpillar M315

Loading belt

we are member of

European Federation of Inland Ports (EFIP)

EFIP brings togheter nearly 200 inland ports and port authorities in 18 countries of the European union, Swtzerland, Serbia and Ukraine.

EFIP highlights and promotes the role of European inland ports as real intermodal nodal points in the transport and logistic chain, combining inland waterway transport with rail, road and maritime transport.